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How do I register for a GAAGO account and pay?

Last Updated: May 02, 2018

If making a payment for the first time, simply choose a Annual Pass, Annual Pass GB, individual match or individual programme on the GAAGO passes homepage, enter your email address and your credit/debit card details in the payment section, and click 'Create Account & Buy'. It's as simple as that!

Once payment is successful, you will be immediately directed to your subscription or match, depending on what you initially selected. You will also be sent an email with your details.

If you already have a GAAGO account from a Annual Pass, Annual Pass (GB), Instalment Passindividual match or individual programme then click on the login button in the top right corner of the homepage and login using either the Facebook account or the email address and password you registered when you signed up.

Once signed in you will be able to add purchases to your account or if you have a Annual Pass or Annual Pass GB you will see a list of upcoming and on-demand games available to you.

If gifting a pass or game, an email containing access details will be sent to your own email address.

Please Note:
After a gift purchase, GAAGO will send you a receipt. Forward the email to the recipient. GAAGO will not contact the person receiving the gift.

Roku (US only) payments are processed by Roku directly via your Roku account.

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