Tech FAQs

Can I switch device — e.g. If my battery dies, can I switch to my tablet?

Yes, but you may find it takes approximately 60 seconds for our servers to realise that your stream/device has stopped before they will authorise the new device. If you see an error message relating to this, pl... more

Updated: Dec 01, 2015

Who do I contact for Roku (USA ONLY) Support?

If you are experiencing issues with the GAAGO Roku app in particular, please contact GAAGO Support directly. For general set-up/payment/technical Roku queries, please contact Roku Customer Support. more

Updated: May 25, 2016

Is Google Chromecast supported?

GAAGO now officially supports Chromecast in the Chrome browser on PC/Laptop​ and on Android phones/tablets. PC/Laptop 1. Check to ensure that the Chrome browser you are using is the latest version available an... more

Updated: Mar 07, 2019

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