Payment & Account FAQs

What is a GAAGO account?

In order to stream from GAAGO, you need to set up a GAAGO account whilst buying a Annual Pass, Annual Pass GB or a pay-per-game. When you select one of the aforementioned products, you are presented with this s... more

Updated: May 02, 2018

How do I access access my subscription/game?

How to login? Website: Go to and click on the LOGIN button in the top right corner of the page. A pop-up box will then appear. Enter the email address and password you registered with when you... more

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

How do I register for a GAAGO account and pay?

If making a payment for the first time, simply choose a Annual Pass, Annual Pass GB, individual match or individual programme on the GAAGO passes homepage, enter your email address and your credit/debit card de... more

Updated: May 02, 2018

Can I pay in the currency of the country in which I reside?

In the USA, you pay a fixed price in US dollars ($) for Annual Passes and matches. You can choose to pay in one of the currencies listed below for matches only - please note, the total in these currencies refl... more

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Is my payment one-off, or am I committing to a yearly subscription?

For GAAGO Annual Pass, Annual Pass GB and Instalment Pass subscribers, your subscription will automatically renew on an annual basis, giving you the benefit of not having to worry about signing up for GAAGO eve... more

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

How will it appear on my credit card bill? Will there be extra credit card charges from my bank?

Any charges made by GAAGO will appear as “GAAGO” on your credit card bill. Please check with your credit card provider to see if any extra fees apply. more

Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Is GAAGO’s payment processing system secure?

Yes, it is extremely safe and secure. Payments are processed by Stripe, which has been audited by a PCI-certified author and is certified to a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of c... more

Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Why can’t I process my credit/debit card details?

On Website: Please ensure that you have entered the correct credit card details into the system, paying particular attention to the CVC code. If you are still experiencing problems, please use the drop do... more

Updated: Oct 09, 2017

What if I want to cancel my subscription/game purchase?

If you have subscribed for the Annual Pass or Annual Pass GB, you can cancel anytime within 14 days, provided you have not streamed a game within that 14-day window. After those 14 days have elapsed, or you hav... more

Updated: May 02, 2018

What if I think I’ve been charged in error?

If you think that you have been mistakenly charged for something, please contact us immediately at GAAGO Support or more

Updated: Feb 06, 2018

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